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Terms & Conditions

For INVFX.EU users

- I have read all the Terms of Use, including the Rules (Rules for depositing and withdrawing funds, Risk Statement, PDI, Privacy and Minority Policy).

- I agree that all of these Terms of Agreement, including the rules, are an integral part of the binding agreement between me and (the “Agreement”).

- I confirm the fact that I am over 18 years old.All data provided in this application is true and accurate.In the event of any changes, I will promptly notify

- I understand that does not give any guarantees and promises that the products and services provided by this company will completely suit me.

- I confirm that I have provided exclusively truthful data, including information about my identity and my place of residence.

- I agree that has the right to amend any clauses of this Agreement, without restrictions and at any time.The data in the contract is updated by posting the latest information on this website.

By signing this Agreement, I agree that a personal account with will be opened in my name.I have read and agree to all clauses, including the Risk Disclosure and Terms of Use.

Introduction: is considered the property of organization is registered under the number 24324 IBC 2017, the office is located at Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center P.O.St.Vincent Grenadines Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown.

By continuing to use this website, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms of this Agreement.

The following Terms of Service apply to all users of the site.For any questions and for clarification, you can write or call the support service at the contacts listed below.

Before using the services and offers provided by, you must fully read and accept all clauses of this document. This Agreement is effective from the moment you accept all of its terms. If any changes are made, the updated version of the agreement will be published on this website without fail. You will need to review and agree to the updated Terms of Use to continue browsing the site and receiving services.


You can make any trade and investment transactions on this site only if you have already reached the age of majority and you are over 18 years old.You must be aware of all the risks associated with any financial transactions and trading.By making transactions, you acknowledge the fact that you have sufficient experience and knowledge for is not responsible for any loss of the Client.Also, does not take responsibility for checking whether the Client has sufficient experience and knowledge to perform operations.

These terms and conditions also apply to all legal restrictions.You should be aware of the fact that investments, trade transactions and other activities of a similar nature are regulated by different laws around the world.You are solely responsible for performing these actions.The fact that you can make transactions on the website cannot mean that such actions are not punishable by law in your country and are not limited by any set of rules.

By using this website, you must familiarize yourself with any legal and legal restrictions, and confirm that the funds for conducting trading operations were not obtained as a result of criminal or other illegal actions.

We draw your attention to the fact that you have no right to abuse the services and the limited license that will be granted to you upon acceptance of these Terms of Use.You may not copy, use, or sell any material posted on, you do not have the right to create hyperlinks to this website or to make any changes to the materials contained therein.

All information provided on this site can only be used to trade with

We draw your attention to the fact that in case of violation of the Terms of Use and other site rules, your account may be closed or suspended.In this regard, you may suffer losses as a result of closing positions.

We warn you about responsibility for providing incorrect or false information.In the event that the personal and other data specified by you turn out to be false, access to the site services will be terminated.By accepting this Agreement, you agree that, at its sole discretion, with or without notice, may close your position at any time, as well as prohibit access to services and trading.

These Terms of Use state that in which case and / or its employees will not be liable for any losses, losses or lost profits encountered by the Client as a result of trading or any other work with this site, includingfor losses incurred through negligence.In any case,'s liability is limited to the commission for the last month that was received from the funds credited to your account in the system.

You agree that you could independently carry out transactions and other operations on the demo account and / or you have read the manual and other materials on how to perform such operations.You are aware of all the risks associated with the implementation of such transactions.You also confirm that you are familiar with and understand all the risks when conducting operations in the commodity markets, Forex and when working with contracts.

Clarification of the terms of use:

  1. By visiting this site and using any services and / or materials that are located on it, you confirm your consent and acceptance of these Terms of Use.At the same time, any user is obliged to unconditionally and fully comply with all clauses of the Agreement presented on this page.
  2. By using this site in any way you give your consent and confirmation of acceptance of all the terms of this Agreement.If you do not agree with any rules or Terms of Use, or any other point marked on, please stop using this website now and leave it.
  3. Permitted use. Any Client and visitor must be of legal age, that is, over 18 years old and have the right to use this Site, in accordance with the law. The user confirms that he or she has full legal authority to enter into binding agreements. The user has no right to implement commercial and / or automatic use of any materials from this website. Any collection and extraction of data, copying and / or replacement of materials from this site is not permitted on It is also strictly forbidden to use any automatic software, programs for offline viewing and other software. The only exceptions are the official versions of the mainstream browsers.
  4. Bank Account and Your Account. Upon receipt of your application, we have the right to conduct credit or any other checks at our discretion, including but not limited to requesting a certificate from your employer, credit institution (if borrowed funds are involved) and / or bank. The Bureau of Credit Histories will keep all information obtained from certificates and / or other documents and searches, even if the application is refused. The Company also reserves the full right to carry out any credit checks in the future, at any time, until the expiration of the Agreement.


By accepting this Agreement, you thereby confirm that you agree that we can assess your creditworthiness when analyzing the application you submitted.Our assessment may influence the decision to accept or not accept the application, as well as change the type of service for your Account.

In case of significant changes in the data that you indicated in the application form, you must immediately notify us.

Upon acceptance of the Application, an Account with an individual number will be opened in your name, and a unique user identifier will be assigned.This information should not be disclosed to third parties.If you have any suspicions that someone has taken possession of this data, you must notify us immediately.

By this Agreement, you also agree that is not required to verify the identity of everyone who uses your Account.

You agree that you have the right, but not obligation, to process payments due to you in one account (for all deposited amounts).At the same time, we also have the right (but this is not our obligation) to give our consent to transfer funds to different bank accounts.Our company is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the amounts paid if the total amount is correct in accordance with this Document.

The User's account may receive funds that are voluntary or agreed bonuses, incentives, winnings and other amounts that were not directly deposited by the Client into the account. Also, money received in the course of trading can be credited to the Account (see the information "Not deposited funds"). Any unpaid funds are not subject to immediate withdrawal by the Client from the account, unless otherwise agreed directly with the Company. Unpaid funds may be credited to the Client's account in some other cases, for example, to cancel a transaction or an account that is encumbered with a loan.

PLEASE NOTE that Non-deposited funds, including income from transactions or any other profit received from the Account, are not personal funds of the Client.In the event of an illegal withdrawal of such funds, is entitled to a refund.

Further commitments.Without being limited by this Agreement and in addition to the above clauses, you:

- You give your confirmation that all payment information and bank details of the Account are provided in full and are reliable.If you change this data, you must immediately notify us and provide the requested documents to confirm this information.

- Give your confirmation that the bank account payment details you provided fully correspond to the bank of the country of which you are a resident.

- You give your consent and confirmation that we are not obliged to transfer funds from your account or add funds to your account from any account other than the Bank account.

4.1.We are not responsible for any damage, loss or lost profits incurred by you as a result of transactions in the account using money credited to the account or erroneously accredited by you.

4.2.We have the right to suspend or completely close your trading account at any time, in accordance with the rules of this Agreement.

4.3.By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you agree that due to changes in market volatility, has the right at any time to establish a new amount of margin, which is acceptable for any trade transaction, without informing the User about it.

4.4.Multiple Accounts: If you have more than one trading account in our system, then all accounts will be treated separately from each other.Credit liabilities for one account (including cash, which are margin) are not a reason to relieve you of obligations on another account, except as described in this Agreement.

4.5.Joint Accounts / Beneficiaries: If a trading account with is owned by multiple users, partners, company members or other corporate entities, the withdrawal of funds from the account requires approval from all persons and beneficiaries who have the authority to sign.

4.6. Links to this Site: It is prohibited to post or maintain any hyperlinks from other websites to this Site without written consent from It is prohibited to use frames and other similar methods for the purpose of displaying this Site in whole or in its individual parts, materials and / or other information from it on other websites, without the written consent of Any links that we have allowed to be published on other sites must comply with the law and all established rules, regulations and netiquette.

  1. Copyright and intellectual property: All materials provided on this site, including texts, images, sounds, designs, software, source codes of pages and applications, as well as any other data, are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. This site may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. All information and any other materials on this site belong to and can be used only with the written permission of You may not change any materials, including texts, posted on the website, as well as collected from it in any way. Also, you do not have the right to place these materials anywhere and distribute them in any way for the purpose of obtaining benefits or for any other purpose. We warn you that in case of any use of materials from this site that has not been agreed with us, you may violate our copyrights and other laws and regulations, including the Law on the right to private property.

6.Force majeure (force majeure). The company is not liable in the event of force majeure circumstances resulting in full or partial failure to fulfill the established obligations. We are not responsible for losses or other losses incurred by you due to a sudden market collapse or default, computer interruptions, system errors, changes in legislation or any other circumstances of force majeure.

  1. In addition to the situations described in the previous paragraph, force majeure circumstances also include the following:

- terrorist acts, wars, strikes, mass civil unrest and other events during which we are unable to maintain favorable conditions for trading;

- disturbances in the operation of electrical equipment and power outages;

- too high volatility of the financial and stock market caused by unexpected economic news or any other factors;

- liquidation or collapse of the financial, stock or any other market where Clients are trading.

7.1 Subject to the rules and all clauses of this Agreement, in the event of force majeure circumstances, our company will be entitled to the following actions:

- changing the time for trading;

- changing and / or updating the rules and requirements for the size of the Margin;

- closing and / or canceling any open deals / contracts / positions / orders.

  1. Trademark.Logos, trade names, marks and any marks used on this site belong to and its affiliates.Other trademarks, marks and logos that may appear on this site but are not owned by are the property of their respective owners.

No material, text, service, logo or other information on this site may be used without written permission from

  1. Authorization protection in the system.You are responsible for maintaining a positive balance of your account in the system, including regularly monitoring and maintaining the set margin.If there is more than one account in the system, this rule must be applied to each Account separately.Exceptions can be made only in cases of our written consent to other conditions.

To enter the system and correct authorization, the Client is obliged to use the login, as well as, if necessary, provide any necessary information about personal data, according to the registration information.

  1. Misuse. By accepting this Agreement, you confirm that you are fully aware of and accept the fact that you are prohibited from using any information and materials from this site illegally and without our consent. Under the terms of this Agreement, the Site Terms of Use, the AML Policy Rules, you may become subject to the laws of the state you are a resident of, including any codes of laws and regulations on gambling, securities trading and taxation. You acknowledge that you are aware of your responsibility for any violations in the jurisdiction applicable to you. does not condone any conduct that could be considered a criminal or legal violation and could result in civil or criminal liability or in any other way in violation of the law.

In the event that we find that you have violated or are about to violate the above rules and prohibitions, including the law, we have the right to take actions aimed at preventing or correcting the violation, including deleting your account, account and / or any other materials from this Site. We declare our full readiness to cooperate with any legislative or law enforcement authorities, and in the event that they send a subpoena or any request for the disclosure of information about the Client, we will provide them with all the information available to us.

  1. By accepting this Agreement, the Client fully confirms that all the data he provided is true, complete, accurate and up-to-date.If they are changed and / or updated and / or deleted, the User undertakes to send a written notification to with up-to-date information about personal and other requested data.

12.The client and / or the User of this site agrees to guarantee the legal protection of and the release of the Company and all its employees, including agents, managers, employees and managers from liability.Also, the User guarantees compensation for damage resulting from his illegal actions using this site and / or any materials published on it and / or services presented on it.This clause includes, but is not limited to the Terms of this Agreement.

  1. No explicit or implicit commitment.By accepting this Agreement, the User confirms that he uses this site and all materials and services on it at his own risk.All information and data on the site is presented "as is", with no indirect or direct obligation in relation to any warranties.We are not responsible for and do not guarantee that any materials and services presented on this site are of commercial quality and do not violate anyone's guarantees and / or rights.

The Client undertakes to carefully read and study these Terms of Use, the Risk Disclosure Statement, as well as other documents, including the Agreements and Rules, which are presented in accordance with this Agreement.

DO NOT ACCEPT OR SEND Online form of this Agreement if you do not understand or agree with any clauses, or are not sure of the consequences and risks.By clicking the "Send" button, you fully agree with all the clauses and rules of this Agreement, you also confirm that you are familiar with all the documents presented, carefully read, studied and understood them.

  1. and all of its affiliates, managers, employees and other persons involved in the creation and operation of this Site and the Company are not obliged to regulate and / or verify the information and materials published on this Site, including texts, links, etc. ... The sole task of is to facilitate the Client's trading operations and provide information that the Company deems useful and necessary. In accordance with the Terms of this document, does not bear any responsibility and will not reimburse the User and / or the Client and any persons for losses, except for the return of commissions for the last month of operation (provided that these commissions were actually paid in favor of Companies). is not responsible for any information, services and products provided by third parties.Also, is not responsible for the impossibility of authorized access by the Client and / or the User to the Site for any reason.

  1. This site may be taken offline at any time at the discretion of for maintenance or any other purpose. may temporarily and / or permanently deny the Client access to the Site and the provision of services without liability. The Company does not guarantee the User that he can at any time and from anywhere in the world have access to this site. Including all of the above, is also not responsible for the Client's lack of access to trading operations due to operating system malfunction, technical failure, equipment breakdown or other technical errors, within reasonable limits.
  2., its affiliates, directors, employees, employees and all persons involved in the work of the Company and / or the development, maintenance and content of this Site are not responsible for and do not confirm the completeness, relevance and accuracy of any service or material posted on this site. The client agrees that any information, product or service posted on this site may be out of date. is under no obligation to verify the accuracy and relevance of any information, products and / or services provided on this website. does not provide advice and is not responsible for the Client's decision to open trading positions and trade. All transactions, investments and other operations are carried out by the Client at his own peril and risk at his own decision, and is aware of this.
  3. is not liable for damage suffered by the Client and / or the User due to the infection of his computer or other equipment with viruses in
  4. Under no circumstances will and / or any of its employees, manager, employee, affiliate, assignee, or any person involved in the creation and operation of this website be liable to the Client, User and / or anyone else. for incidental, direct / indirect, indirect and any other losses associated with the use or inability to use this Site, information and services rearranged on it, regardless of the presence / absence of guarantees, contracts or other legal agreements, whether or not they are aware of similar losses. This limitation applies to the extent of the current legislation.
  5. By accepting this Agreement, the Client and / or the User confirms his agreement that the means of protecting his rights is the termination of the use of this site.If the User has been registered and participated in the auction, then at the discretion of, he may receive a refund of the commissions sent to for the last month of use, then only if the receipt of further services was completely denied to him due toomissions of
  6. The above points mean that is under no obligation to provide any products and / or services on this Site.If you have any claims or demands, they must be submitted immediately.The enforceability of any such claim will be lost within 12 calendar months from the day the claim arises.
  7. Updating these Terms of Use.The user and / or client of understands and agrees that and its legal entities have the full right to change, add and / or delete any information from these Terms of Use, at their sole discretion and at any time, without sendingnotifications to the User and / or the Client.Any changes made take effect and become binding immediately upon posting on this Site.

Each User and / or Client of is obliged to regularly visit this page to keep track of the latest information on the Terms of Use.Some clauses of this Agreement may be replaced or added by any legal terms or rules published on other pages of this Site.

The terms of this Agreement were updated on January 1, 2020.

The Terms of Use can be changed and / or supplemented at any time to a reasonable extent, after which they will be instantly applicable to any Client.A link to the current Terms of Use will be posted on all pages of this Site, indicating the date the document was last updated.

22.Jurisdiction and Applicable Law. This Document is a substitute for any Agreement and / or Agreement between you and, to the extent necessary to resolve any disputes, ambiguities and oppositions. This Agreement has been drawn up on the basis of the legal documents and laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to any conflict of laws laws and regulations. A printed copy of these Terms of Use may be used in any administrative and / or legal proceedings to the same extent as any other business and / or legal documentation. Disputes and claims related to this Agreement may only be resolved by a United Kingdom court.

  1. Legal proceedings, disputes and claims.Any disputes and disagreements arising in connection with any clause of this Agreement can be resolved by the Parties as a result of out-of-court settlement.If the parties to the Agreement could not come to an agreement, any of them can file a lawsuit in confidential arbitration, in accordance with the ICC ADR Rules.The arbitrator's decision on the submitted dispute will be final and binding on both Parties.

The court proceedings will be conducted in English, in London or any other place by agreement of the Parties. None of the parties to the Treaty has the right to bring an action in a court of any other state, with the exception of the United Kingdom, as this is contrary to the arbitration proceedings. This Agreement gives the exclusive right of jurisdiction to the arbitration process. This means that the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom are applicable to this Site and all materials, products and services posted on it. All claims, disputes and claims against must be submitted to the appropriate arbitration court in the City of London.

  1. Termination.You or we may close or freeze your personal Account, regardless of (or even lacking) reason and at any time.You cannot claim any compensation for damage as a result of the termination of the use of the services and products of the Site, except for the withdrawal of money stored in your account in accordance with the law.We have the right to change, terminate or suspend the operation of any part of this site, without prior notice to the User and at any time.
  2. Additional help.If any of the clauses of this Agreement and the Site Terms of Use are not clear to you, or you have any questions and / or comments, we ask you to contact support at any time.Important!You should contact us for answers and clarifications before you accept these Terms & Conditions.
  3. The Company's Commitment to Safety.In order to keep the data safe from unauthorized access by third parties, this Site has implemented appropriate security systems and procedures to protect information.You can find out more about them by reading the Privacy Policy, a link to which is published on all pages of this Site.
  4. Assignment of Rights to Third Parties. has the right to assign, license and transfer any of the rights specified in this Agreement, including the rights in relation to information data, to third parties, in whole or in part. This means that this Agreement between the Client and / or User of this website and may be transferred or assigned by, but not by the Client and / or User. This privilege, as well as the limited liability, is the exclusive right of and not of the User and / or Client.
  5. Disclaimer of claims.Any admission or error on the part of leading to a violation and / or non-performance of any clause of this Agreement by the Company does not constitute a reason for limiting the rights and / or methods of protection of
  6. Autonomy.All clauses of this provision are autonomous.This means that even the recognition by a court of any provision or rule of this Document as invalid or unlawful, will not affect the validity of all other provisions and rules.A court decision on the invalidity or illegality of any particular article or clause of this Agreement may only apply to that particular article or clause, and not to the entire agreement.
  7. Tongue.The original version of this Agreement and the Terms of Use is published in English.For informational purposes, the Agreement may be translated and published on this Site in other languages at the discretion of there are discrepancies between versions in different languages, then the original document in English will always take precedence.

31.Communication with the Company.If you have any questions or comments on any clause of this Agreement, or any other document presented on this Site, you can contact us at any convenient time by phone +44 2038076747 or email [email protected]

VIS Rules (Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds from the Account)

In order to conduct any investment and / or trading operations that may generate income, clients need to fund a Personal Account on this Site.The income that will be received from trading and investments can be withdrawn from the account.All operations for depositing and withdrawing funds are governed by the General Terms of Use and these V&S Rules.

Depositing funds to the account

Funds can be credited to the personal account of the Client in two ways.An easier way is with the User's credit card.Our system works with both Visa and MasterCard.

The second way to fund your Personal Account is to deposit money using a bank transfer.To transfer funds to your Personal Account in this way, you must first contact the support service by e-mail [email protected] in order to obtain the current bank details for making a payment.In addition, you will need to enter the bank transfer details in a special form in the online Client-Office, which can be accessed at

We also draw your attention to the fact that from the moment you send the money to the moment when we receive it, it can take from three to seven working days, depending on the work of the bank.We also recommend that you send us the details of the payment order, including information about Swift.This will allow us to track your payment.

We draw the Client's attention to the fact that can only accept money transfers from the person to whom the Trading Account is registered.We do not accept transfers from third parties whose name is not indicated in the trading account.

The minimum deposit amount is € 1.00.

The minimum deposit for starting trading operations is € 500.

In accordance with the paying agent agreement between and Melabro Limited, registered at Saint Vincent of the Grenadines, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Kingstown 1510, Melabro Limited and at Strovolos 77, Nicosia 2018, Cyprus, Melabro limited actsas a paying agent in the provision of payment services to

Withdrawing funds from the account

According to the AML Anti-Money Laundering Policy, you can only withdraw money to the same bank account or card from which it was deposited to the Account. will withdraw funds in the same currency in which they were sent by you.In addition to the above,, at its discretion, may withdraw funds to your other account or card, which is different from those from which the Account was funded, if this does not contradict the AML Policy and other anti-money laundering rules.

When withdrawing funds from an Account, may request additional documents and other information from the Client for verification purposes.Withdrawal of funds from the Account is carried out within 2-7 business days from the moment you sent the corresponding request for withdrawal of funds. assumes all fees from payment systems that arise in the process of sending money to your bank account or does not cover possible fees from the issuing bank for incoming payments.Before withdrawing funds, make sure you are aware of all fees charged by your bank.

The maximum payout amount is € 5,000.

Unpaid funds

Non-deposited funds are those that may appear on the User's accounts and are agreed or voluntary bonus transfers and / or incentives, or any other payments that were not directly deposited by the Client into the account or received as a result of investment and / or trading activities at the expense of deposited funds...Any unpaid funds are not subject to immediate withdrawal immediately after receipt into the Account, unless otherwise agreed between the parties directly.

Unpaid funds may be credited to an account in connection with specific situations, for example, to close an account or a transaction that is encumbered with debt obligations.

Applying for withdrawing funds from an account

To send a Request to Withdraw funds from the Account, follow these steps:

1.Fill out and print the request form.To do this, go to your personal account, select the "Withdraw from account" item and fill out the application.Next, print your document.

  1. Sign the printed form.
  2. Scan the document and email it to us at [email protected] can send a file in JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF format (no password).

The resulting form and any accompanying documentation must be approved by an employee.Only then is the withdrawal application considered active.Please note that the name of the Beneficiary in the application must completely coincide with the name indicated when registering the Trading Account.Any requests to withdraw funds to third party accounts will be rejected.

You, as the Account Holder, must promptly check the relevance and accuracy of the Account information and ensure that there is sufficient free margin.Before submitting a withdrawal request, make sure that there is margin again, as any withdrawal of funds from an account may affect already active positions and / or transactions, or any trading and / or investment strategies.

Time of processing and execution of the request for withdrawing funds from the Account

In most cases, the submitted withdrawal request is processed by within two business days of receiving the form and all required documents.Receipt of payments to your card or bank account can last from 2 to 7 business days and on average takes 5 business days, depending on the issuing bank and its location.

Withdrawing money to a bank account may take a little longer than withdrawing to a card, due to additional checks and the operation of the security system.

To avoid any delays in the payment of funds, we recommend that you double-check all the entered data before sending the application form to our is not responsible for any data errors made by the Account holder. is not responsible for the timing and quality of the work of the bank or other financial institution of the Client.

Debit / Credit Cards

If you fund your Account via a credit card and choose a currency other than USD, your card will be debited properly.The deposit amount will be converted according to the exchange rate.In the process of converting and crediting funds to the account, additional commissions and other fees may be applied, due to which the amount debited from the account and the amount of the deposit to the deposit may differ from each other.The client must accept these discrepancies and not try to bring them back.

When using a credit card to deposit money into an account for the purpose of investment and / or conducting trading operations, winnings and profits can only be cashed out to the same card from which the deposit was made.


Your account can include different currencies.We accept deposits in different currencies.

The balance and any payments to be made by the Client or by us will be displayed in the currency of the Account.

The main account currency is the US Dollar.Any currency other than the US Dollar will be converted into it at the current exchange rate at the time of conversion.

In the event that the Client replenishes the Account in any currency other than the currency of the Account, we carry out the conversion at the rate at our discretion.

Trading, withholding payments and deductions, and other monetary transactions are conducted in the account currency.In the event that the balance of such a currency is insufficient, the settlement of transactions and payments can take place in any other currency, in accordance with the general exchange rate.

Additional terms

The rules of this Regulation are not final and complete.From time to time they can be updated and / or supplemented by other conditions and requirements, in accordance with the regulations and the AML Policy.

Please note that by using this Site, you accept these Terms of Use, which in turn may be changed from time to time by, without notifying Customers and Users.

If you have any questions and / or comments regarding these Rules, please call us on +44 2038076747 or write to [email protected] at any time convenient for you.

Risk prevention and disclaimer does not provide investment or trading advice or advice.The company strives to provide clients with only high-quality services, providing them with the best tools and other tools for trading, including additional guidance for online trading and summary analytical data, updated daily.The Client makes the decision to open positions and invest independently. gives the Client the opportunity to trade by entering into speculative transactions and opening trading positions, which implies the risk of losses.These operations may not be suitable for all Users, therefore, before starting their implementation, make sure that you understand and understand all the risks and possible losses that you may incur as a result of such activities.

You are aware of and agree that transactions conducted through may include financial instruments not traded on the investment, foreign exchange and stock exchanges.

Risks associated with services

Any investment and trading operation entails corresponding risks.The level of this risk cannot be predetermined in advance.As a rule, trading with financial instruments has a higher degree of risk compared to other transactions, such as investments in securities or stocks, etc.

- makes no guarantees or promises as to what kind of profit or loss you can obtain from trading and / or investing using your Account and / or borrowed funds.The account balance can both decrease and increase as a result of your investment and / or trading activities.Neither the first nor the second outcome is guaranteed by the Company.

We remind you that any transactions in the foreign exchange or stock market, and other similar trading transactions are highly speculative transactions, and therefore may not be suitable for all Users.The Client may lose both part and the entire amount of the Trading Account as a result of such activity.Therefore, the Client should not use capital for speculation that he cannot afford to lose.The client should be aware of all the risks associated with the process of margin trading.

Due to the high risk inherent in such trading operations, does not, in any event, give any direct or indirect guarantees or representations that you will receive any profit and will not incur losses, including partial or complete loss of all invested funds.

The Company is not responsible for the accuracy and veracity of information and / or any other materials that are provided by third parties, including any materials and links provided on this Site.

Please note that even if you make a profit, you can also lose it, as the market changes rapidly.Never use funds in trading and / or investments that you cannot afford to lose.

PDI or Rules of Acceptable Use

Important!Any violation of the established rules and regulations, as well as any manipulation or illegal use of services and / or products provided by, may entail significant monetary or other damage to, as well as to third parties, including other users and customerssite.In this regard, is entitled to use any means of legal protection in accordance with the laws and regulations of this Agreement, including legal claims and prohibitions. also informs you that any of the following (not excluding the provisions of the Terms of Use) is prohibited and is in violation of the terms of this Agreement:

- Automatic access to services and products of the site without authorization according to the rules of the system.

- Using automated robots and other trading software.

- Using delays in trading operations for your own benefit.

- Conducting coordinated trading using multiple accounts, including trading in tandem with other users.

- Any illegal use of the products and software of the site.


We highlight the following objectives for AID:

- The Acceptable Use Policy applies to all products and services provided by

 - PDIs are applicable to absolutely all users and site visitors, even those who are not yet registered in the system.

- The Terms and Conditions described in this Document are not a complete list of prohibited activities in accordance with the established rules.

- PDI. If you have any doubts about the legality of a particular action you are planning, you need to immediately contact us by e-mail [email protected] to clarify all the points.

Automated access: prohibits the use of any software or applications that automatically access this Site, or otherwise manipulate materials, with the exception of software officially provided by itself.

Prohibited actions:

3.1.By this Document, guarantees that it will take all necessary actions so that no site visitor, including Users, uses its system in any of the ways listed below:

3.1.2.Submitting, posting, downloading and uploading any material that is deemed to be threatening, offensive, defamatory or defamatory.Violation of intellectual property, copyright and / or other rights laws.

3.1.3.Negative attitude, insult and provocation of Site Users and Company employees.

3.1.4.Sending and posting spam, as well as any other unsolicited advertising or promotional materials, including those provided by third parties.

3.1.5.Any other actions that could result in losses for, any of its managers, employees, affiliates and trustees, legal trustees, business partners.Any actions that interfere with the provision of services and products to and tarnish the company's reputation.

3.1.6.Violation of any rights of third parties, including licenses and rights to private and intellectual property.

3.1.7.An attempt to interfere with the provision of services to any User or network, including: flood; and / or support of DOS attacks; creating a load on the host in order to cause disturbances in the operation of the software; sorts of attempts to profit from software errors, any damage, difference in delays, bypassing security systems; of services and products provided by; in tandem, carrying out multi-user transactions, including with the help of automatic software. of code, files and any programs that contain malicious code, viruses, trojans, corrupted data and any other materials that threaten the security of user data and the entire website as a whole.All sorts of spyware and malware are also included in this category.

3.2.You confirm your agreement that the list of prohibited uses of the site and its materials, specified above, is not completely exhaustive, it can be supplemented and / or has every right to cancel any position and / or withhold funds and / or demand any additional funds in order to compensate for damage incurred as a result of misuse of the website by the User, including as a result of abuse of errors and / or failures insystem.

3.3.You acknowledge that you will not allow any third parties who are not Customers to use the System.Including you confirm that you will not provide access to your account to third parties.Please note that you are prohibited from copying, modifying, distributing, publishing or in any other way use the materials of the site and the system itself for the benefit of others.

3.4.The logos and trademarks displayed on the website are the property of the company and / or other respective parties.Any use of the logos and trademarks is prohibited without prior written consent from or other owners of the materials.

  1. Network Security

You acknowledge that you will not do the following:

- Violate or attempt to violate the security systems of

- Interfere with the security and authentication systems of

- Make attempts to bypass established user and / or account authentication, including attempting to gain access to data that is not intended for recipients.

- Make attempts to unauthorized access to systems and servers.

- Carry out attempts to check the security of the network.

- Make attempts to gain access to any trading account, account or other resource available in the system that does not belong to you.

  1. Violation of these Acceptable Use Rules: may undertake any legal, automated and discretionary measures to ensure security, compliance with this AIP and all other Rules posted on this Site.

5.2.The sanctioning rights are not binding on

5.3.A waiver of any right published in this Statement and other documents on this site will not constitute a waiver of this right. has the right to deny anyone access to the system.Also, the Company has the right to take any adequate measures in order to prevent such access attempts, including in circumstances where there are reasons to believe that the login or password is being used incorrectly or by the wrong persons.

5.5.In case of violation by you or a third party of any of the clauses of these PDI, the Company has the right to the following actions (without any liability in relation to any person and without the need to send a prior notice):

- The requirement for identity documents or other data, if such are necessary for the investigation.

- Requirement for User authentication in the system.

- Denying the User's access to the system.

- Claim for damages.

- Correction, return or deletion of the Client's transactions for the purpose of restitution in favor of the Company or a third party.

- Repayment, deduction and / or confiscation of funds and / or materials in accordance with the legislation and / or the decision of the judicial executive body and / or the decision of the law enforcement agencies.

The Company is not responsible and is not obliged to reimburse the Client for losses incurred due to the inability to access the system, products and / or services of

5.6.Failure to comply with the PDI by a third party who has indirect access to the Company's services through your account is a violation, regardless of whether you were aware of this or not.You will be fully responsible for all damages, losses and any actions of Users to whom this third party directly or indirectly provided services through your account.

5.7.The company can and may work with different providers and administrators of system services, choosing them at its sole discretion, in order to ensure compliance with the PDI and the security of all data.

5.8.In case of suspicion of the User's criminal activity, may involve law enforcement agencies in the investigation, and will also cooperate with them.

Special offers and bonuses

Any Client wishing to take advantage of Bonuses and / or Special Offers must first obtain approval from the Finance Manager.Customer is not entitled to automatically register for any Special Offer without such approval.We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Terms of Use apply to all promotions and special promotions.

Terms of use for automatic bonuses

Special Bonus Funds:

I agree to receive Automatic Special Bonus Funds to my Trading Account.


Limitations on withdrawing bonus funds from the account:

I agree that once the bonus funds have been received into my account, I am required to maintain this investment in for a minimum of 12 months.

This means that you cannot withdraw funds from the Trading Account until the day when exactly one year has passed since the bonus was credited.

Minimum trade turnover:

I agree that the received bonus can be applied in the course of trading, but in order to withdraw bonus funds, it is imperative that the minimum volume of transactions is 30 times the amount of the bonus.

By clicking the "I agree" button when registering a personal account on this site, I give my confirmation that I have read and fully agree with the Terms of Use for Special Automatic Bonus Funds.

I also confirm my consent and familiarization with the following points:

- I have read all of the website terms and conditions, including the Deposit and Withdrawal Rules, Risk Disclaimer, PDI, AML Policy, Privacy Policy, Minority Policy and other documents published on this website.

- I understand and agree that all clauses of the Agreement, including this Document and the Automatic Bonus Terms of Use, are an integral part of the binding Agreement between and me.

- I agree that all of the above clauses of this Agreement will apply to me and my Trading Account.

- I am aware of the fact that market volatility can suddenly change, therefore investments and trading operations entail more risks, including the risk of losing the entire amount invested in the Deposit.

- I agree that my account will be managed by a third-party is not responsible for the trades in my account.I understand that the Company is not responsible for possible losses that I may receive as a result of trading and investing.

- I understand that the rules and any clauses of this Agreement may be amended by on any day without my notice.

Additional conditions:

Please note that all clauses of this Agreement are not final and may be supplemented and / or updated from time to time, at the discretion of and at its sole decision.

Example of receiving a Bonus (100% credit bonus):

Consider getting a credit bonus together with leverage using the example of the following situation.Suppose the Client makes an investment deposit in the amount of USD 20,000, while agreeing to accept the Match Bonus.His account has an initial deposit of 2,000 USD + credit bonus funds of 2,000 USD.The client has set the leverage at 1 to 100.

For example, further, the User decided to open a buy deal for the EUR / USD pair for 1 lot, which will amount to 200,000 USD.To maintain this transaction, the Client will need 2,000 USD on the account, subject to the availability of leverage (1 to 100).

When the trade was opened, the market went against the Client and the chart began to fall down. As a result, the position became unprofitable, the client began to lose money. For some time, the Client did not close a losing position, as a result of which his account fell to 500 USD. At this moment, the Client does not yet receive a margin call, since he has a Credit Bonus in his account. The price on the chart continues to fall, and the amount on the Client's own deposit drops to 200 USD. At this moment, the Client's transaction will still not be closed forcibly, since the account balance is still positive. As soon as the amount on the account drops to 0 USD, the transaction will be automatically stopped.

Conditions for withdrawing bonus funds

Let's take another example.The client has deposited 1,000 USD by choosing a special bonus from bonus will become available to the Client for withdrawal only after he performs trading operations for 1000 standard lots, each of which is equal to 1 USD of bonus funds.

Note that in our system there are no strict restrictions on the execution of volumes, unlike other bonus programs, so you can stick to conservative trading strategies.

Managed accounts

A trading and investment account managed by must be valid for at least one year.During this period, the account must have at least a minimum balance.

Any account on the website must fully comply with all of the above clauses and rules of this Document.

If you have any questions about the use of this website and the accounts registered on it, you can contact us by phone +44 2038076747 or email [email protected] at any time convenient for you.

Important!The above document is an unofficial translation and may be used for informational purposes only.In the event of any discrepancy with the original document in English, only the English version will prevail.


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