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Deposits and withdrawals policy

For INVFX.EU users
Bank transfers:

The bank account used for making bank transfers must be registered in the name of the Client, which fully coincides with the name indicated in the account on the website

The Company reserves the right to demand from the Client supporting documents that show the authenticity and legality of funds sent to the trading account.Also, the Company has the right to request from the Client a document confirming the authenticity of SWIFT.The Client's refusal to provide such documents may result in the return of the deposited amount and the impossibility of depositing it to the Client's trading account

Withdrawal of funds from the trading account can only be made to the same bank account number from which the deposit was replenished. In the event that this account is no longer working at the time of withdrawal of money, the Client can indicate another bank account, which is also registered in his name, indicated on the website We draw your attention to the fact that the processing time of applications for the payment of funds from the personal trading account of the Client to the bank account depends on the currency of the deposit, as well as on the country and conditions of the recipient's bank. The estimated time for funds to be credited to your bank account may take from 2 to 10 business days, depending on the circumstances.

Credit / Debit Cards

Money transactions with debit and credit cards are carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of these very cards.The client can withdraw funds only to the same card with which the account was replenished. does not withdraw funds to cards from which there has not been a single replenishment of the deposit before.Withdraw funds to a personal bank account, if previously deposits were replenished exclusively from credit and / or debit cards, is possible only at the discretion of this case, the bank account must be issued to the cardholder.

When withdrawing to a card, funds are credited within 3-7 working days.The terms depend on the beneficiary's bank. has the right to request from the Client a color scanned copy or photo of both sides of the bank card used to withdraw funds.In this case, it is recommended to completely close the CVC-code on the back of the card and all digits of the card number, except for the first and last 4.

If the name of the owner is not indicated on the card, then has the right to demand from the Client a document confirming his possession of this card.This can be a confirmation letter or a statement from the issuing bank.

To ensure financial protection for us and our clients, we take special precautions when making transactions with credit cards.Although we try to provide the requested credit funds for client card deposits as soon as possible, we cannot credit immediately after the funds are deposited.Sometimes payments need additional verification.

We also draw your attention to the fact that some service providers, including banks, may charge additional fees for transfers.For up-to-date information on this matter, we recommend contacting your card issuing bank.

If your credit card does not provide for CFT / OCT transactions that allow you to withdraw funds in excess of the deposited amount, we will not be able to process the transaction.In this case, we recommend that you withdraw funds not to a credit card, but to a bank account.

Our company does not know if your card provides CFT / OCT transactions until a withdrawal request is received.Therefore, you should first consult with your credit card issuing bank on this matter.

The verified acquiring of MasterCard and Visa cards is the international payment system Dixipay Ltd.

eneral Information

Only verified users who have confirmed their contact details and sent documents for verification can replenish a deposit for large amounts and withdraw money from an account.

After registering on the website, you need to confirm the created account.From now on you can replenish your deposit up to 8,000 euros and start trading.However, we remind you that verification is required to withdraw any amount of money from an account to a card or account.

For verification, you need to upload documents confirming your identity - an identity card or passport.To confirm the place of residence, you must provide a scanned copy or a clear photo of a receipt for payment of utility bills or other supporting document.

Until the verification procedure is completed, the Client can replenish the deposit for a total amount of up to 8,000 euros, only from a personal bank account or debit / credit cards of EU / EEC financial institutions.

Please note that legally undertakes to return any Client's deposit from an unverified trading account only if the verification process is not completed within 99 days from the date of the first deposit of funds and / or in cases whereif the deposit was replenished from a card outside the EU / EEA.

When processing a withdrawal request, the Company has the right to request additional documents from the Client, which may sometimes be required in connection with the AML Money Laundering Policy.Also, additional documents may be requested in connection with the rules of the issuing bank or electronic payment systems. reserves the right to set withdrawal limits and charge additional fees. cannot accept a withdrawal request for processing if a trading position with a floating profit is opened on the account.Active trades must be closed before a withdrawal request is submitted.

Under no circumstances are payments and other transactions on the trading account from third parties allowed.

These rules protect us and our clients from money laundering and other fraudulent activities, since pays funds only to the card or account that was used to replenish the deposit.Payment of funds to cards and accounts other than those from which the deposit was replenished can be made only at the discretion of

You must request funds for withdrawal from your account in the currency in which the deposit was replenished.If the account currency does not match the transfer currency, the payout will be automatically converted at the rate into the transfer currency.

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